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Original idea for ezSAFE, plus research and video interviews by Dr Allison Boggis of University Campus Suffolk.

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Additional research by Rosie Carter SAFEcic. The ezSAFE hub has been created and is maintained and hosted free by safeguarding experts SAFEcic.

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What is ezsafe? is a free, dedicated and simple to use resource hub for adults, professionals, parents and carers to access everything they need when they want to understand more about eSafety. The resource hub links to the best nationally recognised:

  • sources of advice
  • information
  • support
  • routes for reporting.

Each section has a short video of experts in their field discussing risks and issues relating to the online behaviours of children and young people

Why was ezsafe developed?

Each year SAFEcic works in partnership with University Campus Suffolk (UCS) , Suffolk Police and other organisations to raise the profile of Safer Internet Day (SID). SID is organised in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre to promote the safe and responsible use of online technology and mobile phones for children and young people.

The theme of SID 2014 is “Creating a better internet together” and is our latest initiative to raise awareness of the issues.

Why do we need ezsafe?

This campaign is in response to UCS’s Dr Allison Boggis’ research at our recent SAFE CIC annual safeguarding conference when she asked delegates what were their concerns about children and young people's behaviour online. These were analysed and categorised into emerging themes:

* Cyberbullying (bullying, racism, hate crime, trolling)

* Content ( viewing unsuitable content on line specifically pornography, eating disorders, self harm) * Posting unsuitable content (photographs of themselves and others, personal details)

* Sexting

* Contact (unwanted contact)

Interestingly, but probably not surprisingly, the sexting behaviours were of most concern, followed by concerns about young people viewing pro-anorexia sites and pornography. Surprisingly, however, there were many concerns voiced about sleep deprivation.

How can we get involved?

We are inviting everyone to support our campaign by:

  1. Dedicating space on their websites to link with the resource hub and also display the CEOP report abuse button. In this way, we will all work together creatively towards a common goal.
  2. Promoting the resource hub to all staff, parents and carers.
  3. Registering to support this year's Safer Internet Day
  4. Letting us know what they think about the site and sending us links to any online resources that may be of help
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