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Online Training FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Safeguarding Training

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General Questions:

What is an online training course?

Our online training courses are the quick, easy and cost effective way to train your staff in safeguarding. Our safeguarding training courses are CQC and Ofsted compliant and can be taken in the comfort of the delegate's home, workplace or any other space with a device and internet connection. Our online safeguarding courses can save money on staffing costs and offer flexibility in learning. Our training is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed instantly after placing an order. Also known as eLearning, our online safeguarding training courses offer peace of mind that you are helping fulfill your legal 'duty of care'.


What is a Lead for Safeguarding? What is a Designated Lead for Safegarding?

These are the same. There needs to be a nominated person in your organsiation who is responsible for dealing with safeguarding concerns raised by members of staff or anyone else associated with your organisation. They ensure that correct records are kept and are responsible for referring concerns to the appropriate authorities.


What is a Deputy for Safeguarding?

There are times when the Lead for Safeguarding is not available, or may possibly be involved in a concern that has been raised. In those circumstances it is the Deputy for safeguarding's responsibility to take over the responsibilities of the Lead.


What is a 'course credit'?

We operate a Mix and Match system where one safeguarding course credit = any one online safeguarding training course. These credits have no expiry date and can be allocated to any member of staff at any time. They offer a more flexible approach than buying specific courses and mean that organisations and individuals have more control over training for their staff. The cost of course credits goes down, the more you buy. For a current price list please click here.


Who should take safeguarding training?

newvideographicAnybody who works with children, young people, vulnerable adults/adults at risk, or their families, friends or carers should take safeguarding training. Safeguarding is everyone's business and everybody has a legal 'duty of care' towards the welfare of these vulnerable groups.

These flowcharts are designed to help clarify your safeguarding training requirements;

General Business Best Practice FlowchartGeneral Practice Flowchart

SAFEcic has also created tailored flowcharts for;

DownloadCQC Guidance

DownloadCharities Sector

DownloadOfsted Guidance

DownloadLeisure Sector

DownloadFaith Groups

DownloadGeneral Practice and PMS


What safeguarding training do my staff need?

Dental Practices

All staff should take:

  • Standard Child Safeguarding Training
  • Standard Adult Safeguarding Training

As well as this, the 'Lead' and 'Deputy' for safeguarding should also take:

  • Leading On Child Safeguarding Training
  • Leading On Adult Safeguarding Training

Education Establishments (including Early Years)

All staff (supervised and unsupervised) should take:

  • Standard Child Safeguarding Training
  • Annual eSafety Training

As well as this, the 'Senior Designated Professional/Lead' and 'Deputy/Alternate' for safeguarding should also take:

  • Leading On Child Safeguarding Training


All staff should take:

  • Standard Child Safeguarding Training (if in contact with children and young people)
  • Standard Adult Safeguarding Training (if in contact with adults at risk)

As well as this, the 'Lead' and 'Deputy' for safeguarding should also take:

  • Leading On Child Safeguarding Training and/or
  • Leading On Adult Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding induction training is mandatory for all those who work with vulnerable groups, to help safeguard the beneficiaries of the charity. All of our training meets the Charity Commission's guidelines and our MD, Rosie Carter, is personally thanked for helping advise on the Charity Commision's 'Safeguarding Children and Young People' 2014 policy paper which every charity must adhere to.

All with direct contact with vulnerable groups will need to hold training appropriate to their role at the charity. Just as with other sectors, there must be at least two senior people (Lead and Deputy) who assume safeguarding roles and these two people must take further training to ensure they can manage safeguarding arrangements, allegations and concerns.

Other Sectors:

Best practice suggests that all staff with contact with children, young people and/or adults at risk or their families, friends or carers should take:

  • Standard Child Safeguarding Training


  • Standard Adult Safeguarding Training

Each organisation should then assign a 'Lead' and 'Deputy' for safeguarding. They should be as senior as possible within the organisation. They should also not be related to each other or cohabiting.

As well as our 'Standard' training, the 'Lead' and 'Deputy' should also take:

  • Leading On Child Safeguarding Training


  • Leading On Adult Safeguarding Training

If you are unsure what your organisation needs to do to fulfill it's 'legal duty of care' click on our live chat function to the left, call us on 01379 871091 or email


What’s contained within the course?

Our online safeguarding training courses are interactive, containing videos and quizzes. They are inline with the latest legislative guidance and 'Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015'.

They cover, among other things:

  • Legislation and guidance
  • Recognition of abuse
  • How to respond to concerns
  • Fulfilling legal 'duty of care'

There is an assessment test at the end of the course, which tests the knowledge gained throughout the course. Delegates may re-take the test, should they not obtain the pass rate, without incurring any further cost.


How long do the online safeguarding training courses take to complete?

All of our online safeguarding training courses take around one hour to complete. They can be taken in 'bite sized chunks' and delegates can re-enter and continue the course at the same point at which they left.


How much are online safeguarding training courses and how can I buy them?

Our Mix and Match online safeguarding training course pricing is shown here (opens in new tab).

These can be purchased online and are available immediately. Alternatively, email us with your requirements and we will sort it all out for you, at no extra cost.

We offer discounts for BDA and BADN members, SAFE members and offer special deals for good causes and other not for profit organisations. Please use our live chat facility, call us on 01379 871091 or email for more information.


Do I need an account to complete the training?

You will need an account with us to complete the training so that your certificate displays the correct name, organisation and professional number (if applicable). We treat all information in accordance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. For more information on our privacy policy and access to our full terms and conditions, please click here.


How long are the online safeguarding training courses valid for?

Our online safeguarding training courses are valid for two years from the date of completion. (NB this is for completed courses/courses where training has begun - course credits that have not been used have no expiry date).


New Customers:

Are your safeguarding courses Ofsted compliant?

All of our safeguarding training courses are Ofsted compliant. They meet the requirements of 'Keeping Children Safe in Education' 2016 and we also provide Ofsted compliant eSafety training both online and face to face.


Are your safeguarding courses CQC Compliant?

All of our safeguarding courses are compliant with the CQC's guidelines. They also meet the expectations of 'Safeguarding children and young people: Roles and competences for health care staff' Intercollegiate document 2014. For specific guidance on the CQC's requirements regarding dental practices, please visit our Dental specific resource.


Are the online safeguarding course registered under the GDC's Lifelong Learning Scheme?

Yes, our online safeguarding courses (excluding eSafety) are worth 3 hours verifiable CPD each and take around one hour each to complete.


Existing Customers:

I have passed the course, how do I access my certificate?

Your certificate will be available to download immediately after you have passed the course. If your organisation has provided the training for you, your group administrator can also download it for their records. All certificates have a unique identifying number so that all of our online safeguarding training can be verified through our website.


My certificate shows the wrong name/organisation name - what can I do?

Our technical team can alter names, add professional numbers and add/remove organisation names for you. Please note we cannot always remove the organisation and we cannot change usernames. Contact us through our live chat, 01379 871091 or email


I’ve forgotten my username or password, what do I do?

If your personal email address is registered with us, you can use the ‘Forgotten your Username’ or ‘Forgotten your Password’ buttons to reset your details. Otherwise, email ( or phone in your request. If you are still experiencing problems, you can chat live to us on our website or alternatively call us on 01379 871091.


I have an account, how do I change my password?

Once you have logged into the site, find the 'User Area' button (at the top of the screen). Within this drop-down menu, you will see an option that says ‘User Profile’. From here, you can change your password.


Administrator/Training Manager FAQs:

I have purchased training credits, how do I allocate them to my staff?

Once you have logged in, click on the button which says ‘SAFEcic Training Management System’. Click on "Allocate", then select the courses you want to work with and save.

Using the allocation table:

Allocating to a new member of staff:

Click 'Add New User' (below the table on the left)

Simply type in the member of staff's name in the new row and tick the course you want them to take and click 'save'.

Allocating to a member of staff with existing training:

Find the staff members name in the table.

Click the course name you want them to take and click 'save'.

Please note: if you wish to edit a name or unenroll a member of staff please contact us on 01379 817091, use our live chat facility or email


I didn’t allocate the right course to a member of staff, can it be changed?

As long as the staff member has not begun or completed the safeguarding training, we can unenroll their allocations for you. Just call us on 01379 871091, use our live chat facility or email


A member of staff has left the organisation can I have the credit back?

As long as the member of staff has not begun or completed the course, we can credit this back for you free of charge. Call us at the office, chat live on our website or email with the details.