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How to Complete Your DBS Application Form

A Step By Step Guide

Welcome to SAFE's step by step guide on how to successfully complete your DBS application form in accordance with the DBS rules.

This guide will walk you through each section of the form and let you know what it is you need to write down. If you would like to know how to complete a specific section of your form, please see the index below.


We also recommend you refer to the DBS' own guide to applicants, found here.

If you are looking for other information, please see DBS/CRB Check faqs

What you need to know before you start:


  • The form must be completed in BLACK ink only.
  • You must not use correction fluid.
  • All sections of the form that are marked in yellow are mandatory fields and must be completed. 
  • Answers must be completed using BLOCK CAPITAL letters, with one character per box, ensuring your handwriting remains within the boxes:

within the box DBS

  • You must provide spaces in your answers where there would be spaces in your normal writing:




  • If you make a mistake, put a line through it and write the correct information to the right in the nearest available space:




  • If there is no room to correct your answer, write the correct information on a seperate sheet of paper and send it to us with the application form. 

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What ID you will need to send

Click here to see our guidance for applicants who are not a UK or EEA national and are applying for paid work (PDF).

Click here to see our guidance for all other applicants (PDF).


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The Form on the Front


With your application form you will have received a yellow or white form stuck to the front:

Completing the form on the front of your application:


Please complete all sections of this form.

For the question "Does the position you are being DBS checked for involve working with children or adults at your home address", please only indicate 'Yes' if your work meets the requirements set out here.


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The Application Form

Section a - applicant's details

1 title Select the relevant title OR if your title is not one of the options available you should write it in the 'other' section
2 surname

Provide your current surname

3 forename(s) Provide your current forename(s) - this includes any middle name(s) you may have
4 have you ever been known by any other names?

If you have ever been known by, or used any names other than your current name (this includes maiden names) select 'Yes'.*Exceptions apply for adopted1 or transgender2 applicants.

If you have not used any other names, select 'No' and proceed to section 'a14'.

5 surname

If you have selected 'Yes' for 'a4' you MUST provide a full history of the names you have been known by. *Exceptions apply for adopted1 and transgender2 applicants.

Dates 'from' and 'to' must be completed in MMYYYY format i.e. July 1st 2013 would become 072013. If you are still using an 'other name', give the current date in the 'to' field - do not write 'from birth', 'still use it', 'not applicable' or any other similar phrases.

You must always complete both the surname and forename(s) sections (including middle names) even if the other part of your name hasn't changed. For example, if you have only changed your surname, you must still fill in the 'forename(s)' section when supplying the other surname.

If you are currently using two or more different names, provide one name in sections a1-a4 and provide your second name in this section with the 'from' date showing when you started using the second name and the 'to' date showing the present date.

6 forename(s)
7 dates from and to
8 surname
9 forename(s)
10 dates from and to
11 surname
12 forename(s)
13 dates from and to
14 date of birth

You must provide your date of birth in DDMMYYYY format.

i.e. 13th March 1980 would become:

date format DBS

15 gender

Place a cross in the relevant box.2

16 place of birth (town)

Provide your town of birth

17 place of birth (country)

provide your countRy of birth (many applicants misread this as 'county')

18 e-mail address

Although completing these fields is not mandatory, we and the DBS may use the information in these sections to contact you should we have any queries regarding your application. This can greatly reduce the delays caused by alternatively sending written queries in the post.

19 contact telephone number
20 do you have a national insurance number?

Place a cross in the relevant box. If you have answered 'No' - proceed to 'a22'

21 national insurance number

If you have answered 'Yes' to 'a20' you must provide your NI number.

22 do you hold a valid UK driving licence?

Place a cross in the relevant box. Please note this refers to Full AND Provisional driving licences.

If you have answered 'No' - proceed to 'a24'

23 driving licence number

If you have answered 'Yes' to 'a22' you must provide your driving licence number here

24 do you hold a valid passport?

Place a cross in the relevant box. If you have answered 'No' - proceed to 'a30'

25 passport number If you have answered 'Yes' to 'a24' you must provide your passport number.
26 nationality If you have answered 'Yes' to 'a24' you must provide your nationality as shown on your passport.
27 country of issue If you have answered 'Yes' to 'a24' you must provide the country that issued your passport.
28 not used These sections are no longer used and therefore should not be completed.
29 not used
30 do you have a Scottish vetting and barring number? Place a cross in the relevant box. If you have answered 'No' - proceed to 'section b'.
31 scottish vetting and barring number

If you have answered 'Yes' to 'a30' you must provide your Scottish Vetting and Barring Number.

Section b: current address

32 address

You should provide the first line of your current address here.

    You should provide the second line of your current address here (if applicable).
33 town/city You should provide the postal town/city of your current address here.
34 county You can provide the county of your current address here.
35 postcode You should provide the postcode of your current address here
36 country You should provide the country of your current address here.
37 at address since Provide the month and year that you moved into your current address in MMYYYY format. Do not write 'from birth', 'still here ', 'not applicable' or any other similar phrases.

Section c - other addresses

38 address

This section should only be completed if you have lived anywhere other than the address provided in section b in the past 5 years.

If you do need to provide further addresses, this section should be completed as you completed section b with the first address line, town/city, postcode, country and dates being mandatory sections.

If there is not enough room on the form to list all of your address in the past 5 years, please download a DBS continuation sheet to complete and include in your form.

If you have had a complicated address history, have lived overseas or are unsure what information to provide; the DBS has issued a comprehensive guide for providing your address history, please click here for further information.

39 town/city
40 county
41 UK postcode
42 country
43 dates from and to
44 address
45 town/city
46 county
47 UK postcode
48 country
49 dates from and to

Section d - do not complete

50 not used These sections are no longer used and therefore should not be completed.
51 not used
52 not used
53 not used
54 not used

Section e - declaration by the applicant

55 do you have any convictions, cautions, reprimands or final warnings that would not be filtered in line with current guidance?

Place a cross in the relevant box. There is no need to provide any further information.

The current guidance referred to in this question can be found here.


56 declaration by the applicant

You must sign within the box, ensuring your signature does not touch or exceed the borders of the box.


57 date of signature Provide the date you have signed the form in DDMMYYYY format.

Sections W, X, Y and Z

These sections are for SAFE and DBS staff only, please do not write in or alter anything on the back page of the form.


1Applicants who were adopted before the age of 10 need not declare any names they used or were known by prior to their adoption.

2Applicants who do not wish to reveal details of a previous gender to their employer and/or SAFE should contact the DBS sensitive team on 0151 676 1452 or by email at for advice on how to proceed.

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If you can't find what you're looking for, or have further queries about completing your DBS form, please do not hesitate to get in touch at or by phone on 01379 871091.

Please note: This guide is designed for applicants and organisations using (or wishing to use) SAFEcic's DBS checking service. While we will endeavour to assist you in any way we can, If you are using a different provider, we would recommend that your contact your provider directly.