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Online Training Help Videos

If you have been sent a username and password for online training with SAFEcic, this is how to access your training course.

If you have purchased training credits with SAFEcic, this is how to select your courses and then access your online training.

The videos below assume you have already logged in as Training Manager for your organisation, and have clicked the "SAFEcic Training Management System" button.

If you are managing training for your organisation, this is how to add other people to our system, select the courses you want them to take and how to send them their log in details and instructions.


This video explains how to select the courses you want to work with, how to identify the training credits you have available, and how to change your selections.

This video describes how to resend someone their log in details and instructions.

NOTE: For security reasons, Training Managers cannot reset their own password using this system. Instead, either email and we will reset your password for you, or use our forgotten password system. If emailing us, please include sufficient information so we can identify you on our system (e.g. name and/or username and/or organisation)

When managing your people, "Groups" is a very useful and easy to apply tool.

You can create and edit your own groups, with your own group codes, and can sort and display your people according to those groups.

How to use search in any of the SAFEcic Training Management System screens.

This video describes how to block/disable individual accounts, and how to re-enable them.

This video shows how to check your credit balances on our system.

This explains how SAFEcic automatically generates usernames. It allows people to work out what their username should be.

The text from this download can be included in a generic email out to your people to help them gain access to their online training.

How to renew training for people already on our system.

The Monitoring Screen is used to check progress, download certificates and download progress reports.