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Standard Child Safeguarding

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SSAD 2014Online Standard Safeguarding Adults with Dementia Course

3 hours CPD

This course takes an hour to complete and is for all those who work, or volunteer directly with adults at risk their families and carers in all sectors

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course learners will be able to:

tickName the key legislation and guidance for safeguarding adults with dementia, including mental capacity

tickIdentify and reference their specific sector safeguarding requirements

tickDescribe appropriately the signs and symptoms of the possible abuse, or neglect of, the adult with dementia with whom they come into contact.

tickExplain which individuals, organisations and reference documents they should refer to, and take advice from, if concerned about the wellbeing of an adult with dementia.

tickDescribe how to evaluate risk when considering whether or not to request consent to share information about an adult with dementia with the statutory authorities.

tickDescribe the different types of adult abuse

tickExplain how to respond to concerns, what to do in the event of a disclosure of abuse and how to record

tickName who they should refer to when there is an adult abuse concern, including whistle blowing

tickDescribe how they might fulfil "duty of care"

tickCarry out safeguarding risk assessments of their working practices to help keep adults with dementia safe


  • Overview of dementia, mental capacity, legislation and guidance for adult safeguarding
  • The recognition and types of adult abuse
  • How to respond to concerns and what to do in the event of a disclosure
  • Who to contact when there is an adult protection concern
  • Fulfilling your "duty of care"
  • Safer practice and keeping adults with dementia safe
  • Course assessment, downloads and feedback

TrusterSupplier PNGThis SAFEcic quality assured course meets the training requirements of local Safeguarding Partnerships, Boards and/or Committees, the Care Quality Commission, the Charity Commission, other regulatory bodies across the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands and the educational criteria required for Levels One and Two required for verifiable enhanced Continuing Professional Development under the General Dental Council's Lifelong Learning Scheme. It represents 3 hours of verifiable CPD, learning outcomes A and D. The course includes a certificate and a comprehensive digital training pack

SAFE also offers a number of open-house, public adult safeguarding training events. For a list of face to face training dates and venues click here

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