Buying and Using Training Credits

Buying and using online training credits with SAFEcic for the first time?

The first stage is to complete an order;

Choose what type(s) of, and how many, training credits you want, add them to your shopping cart then proceed to checkout;

For any of our Safeguarding courses (labelled Mix & Match), add up the total of all the courses you want, and add that many Mix & Match training credits.

For all other courses (eSafety, Safer Recruitment, SAFEaware or Drivers courses), add the appropriate dedicated credits.

You can edit the quantities, or if you want to add anything more, click “Continue shopping”. If that’s everything, click “Next”.

You will then be asked to complete our registration screen, agree to our terms and conditions, and choose a method of payment.

Once that is complete, our system confirms your order by email and automatically sets you up as the Training Manager with full control over exactly how the credits you have just purchased will be used.

At this point you are not enrolled on any courses and you have not used any credits at all.

Note: SAFEcic training credits do not expire - so you don't need to rush anything!

The second stage is to decide who will take which courses;

Video StillShort Videos describing the process

Download a "Quick Guide" pdf

Log in to again (using the same username and password as you did for the order), click "Training Management" then click the button for the type of training credits you purchased.*

Next you will see a table with your name already filled in. Detailed help is available - just click the "Show Help" screen (top left) or point to a question mark.

There are tick boxes to the right for the available courses.

To choose a course for yourself, tick the relevant box on the right. Every course box you tick uses one credit.

If you want someone else to take a course, click "Add New User", then in the blank line that appears, type their name in the box (exactly as you want it to appear on their training certificate), and tick the relevant course box(es) on the right.

When you have added everyone and chosen all of their courses, click "Save" and our system will process everything for you. Log in details and instructions will be sent direct where you have filled in their email address, otherwise they will be emailed to you for distribution.

On this screen you can also;

  • Create/Edit your own groups of people
  • Search and display by your groups
  • Disable/Re-enable single accounts
  • Reset Passwords (instantly resets and emails out the username and password)
  • Edit and save email addresses
  • Renew training

* NOTE: There are specialist courses available for Dental and Optician staff. If your organisation is registered as Dental or Optician, the relevant specialist version is automatically chosen where available.

Also remember that you can email or phone us, and we will do any of this for you. If you make a mistake - no problem; just email us and we'll sort it out for you. We do not charge for these services.