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CET :  Standard Child Safeguarding (Formerly Child Protection) Course CET Optics

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Course Overview

SAFE's “Standard Child Safeguarding CET Optics Course” is a comprehensive online training course designed by experienced and fully qualified child protection experts for people who work in the Optician sector. The course is for all staff who come into contact with children, young people, parents and families during their work; and is also the first course for those who have a particular responsibility for safeguarding in their setting.

All SAFE training and resources are continuously updated to reflect the latest statutory guidance documents; Working Together to Safeguard Children, Keeping Children Safe in Education and What to do if you're worried a child is being abused and meets all local Safeguarding Children Partnership/Board requirements of single agency training.

The course has been specifically developed to give an introduction to safeguarding and to raise awareness of:

  • Child protection legislation and guidance including national and local SCPs (ACPC: Area Child Protection Committees in Scotland and Northern Ireland)
  • Recognition of child abuse
  • How to respond to child abuse concerns
  • Who to contact when there is a concern
  • Fulfilment of legal "duty of care"
  • Safer working practice, professional conduct and keeping children safe

The course comprises five short modules followed by an assessment to test understanding. It should take around an hour to complete, although it can be paused and restarted at any time.

The pass rate is set at 70% and,  upon successfully achieving this, participants are awarded a uniquely numbered and personalised SAFE  Training Course Certificate, valid for 2 years, with a summary of the key learning points and referral flowchart on a useful help card. For those not achieving this score, the course can be retaken as many times as is needed, at no extra cost.

Target Group : Optometrists

Dispensing Opticians

Learning Objectives :

  1. To increase the knowledge and understanding of the relevant legislation and government guidance relevant to fulfilling the statutory duty of care for the welfare of young patients under the Children Act 2004
  2. To enable participants to acquire an increased understanding of the recognition of child abuse, how to respond appropriately to child protection issues and knowledge of referral pathways
  3. To enable better understanding of the necessity for information-sharing and accurate recording within the context of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of a particular child.
  4. To consider issues of best working practice and professional conduct

Reference: Safechild 2

Points   : 3.00

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