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Based on and including all necessary aspects of our Standard Adult Safeguarding course, the Safeguarding Adults with Dementia course has been developed specifically for those who work with adults at risk who have dementia.

Our Safeguarding experts have developed this course in collaboration with our dementia expert who has 17 years working experience in the field.

Compliant with the latest legislation, government guidance and including links to your local Adult Safeguarding Board, this online e-learning course covers everything staff need to know about what might concern them, how to respond to concerns appropriately and what to consider in adopting safer working practice.

The course is interactive and takes around an hour to complete and students need not complete the training in a single sitting.

The training meets the requirements of  the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and General Dental Council (GDC) .


Adult Safeguarding course specifically for those working with people who have dementia covering:

  • Legislation and guidance
  • The recognition of adult abuse
  • How to respond to concerns
  • Who to contact when there is a concern
  • Fulfilling "duty of care"
  • Safer practice and keeping adults at risk safe

This SAFE CIC quality assured course meets the training requirements of the Care Quality Commission and the educational criteria for Levels One and Two required for verifiable enhanced Continuing Professional Development under the General Dental Council’s Lifelong Learning Scheme. It represents 3 hours of verifiable CPD, learning outcomes A and D.

SAFE also offers a number of open-house, public adult safeguarding training events. For a list of face to face training dates and venues click here

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