Quotations: Safeguarding Audits and Pre-Inspection Services

Fotolia 44110177 XSFotolia 26872582 XSThe expert SAFE team has offered safeguarding audits and pre-inspection audit services for a wide range of organisations such as those in leisure, health and education since 1999. These services are dedicated to raise standards for safeguarding children and/or adults and also assist managers in benchmarking the safeguarding arrangements in their organisation.

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SAFE audits are based upon the many years experience of the SAFE multi agency team and designed to reflect the expectations of inspection authorities including Ofsted and the CQC; and are based upon the seven SAFE standards for safeguarding :

  • Nominating and training appropriate personnel as safeguarding leads
  • Circulating current and accurate safeguarding policies and procedures
  • Managing the safer recruitment and supervision of staff
  • Adopting and implementing a staff training strategy
  • Circulating relevant associated polices including eSafety and confidentiality
  • Producing evidence of essential legal requirements including insurance, health & safety and relevant compliance such as CQC or Ofsted
  • Carrying out safeguarding risk assessments and “hot spotting” activities such as one to one work, sports, transport and photography

Typically taking a day (or more for larger complex organisations or those with multi sites) the SAFE audit team carry out onsite visits, meet staff ( and customers if relevant), scrutinise paperwork to evidence standards, inspect premises and produce thorough reports. These reports include the evidence seen and highlight any actions required to meet the standards. Actions are graded for priority and are followed up afterwards. Successful organisations are then presented with the National SAFE Award which can be used to reassure parents and carers that every possible step has been taken to safeguard the children and adults in their care.

For more information please email us here with your contact details. Prices range from £350 per day for charities and £995 for large businesses.

 Please see our T&C for usage/refund details.


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