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Templates and Downloads for SAFE Members

These include up to date Child and/or Adult proforma Policies and Procedures
Access to these templates and downloads is a free benefit of Membership.

These are designed to be a complete toolkit to guide organisations through the minefield of legislation and guidance for child and adult safeguarding and include proforma Safeguarding Policies and Procedures adaptable to any organisation.

Designed and kept fully up to date by SAFE experts they comply with current legislation and best practice guidelines. These toolkits are a MUST for all organisations who work with children, young people, adults at risk and/or their families. They can be easily tailored and adopted by any organisation and usually take about an hour to complete.

These templates and downloads are currently being used successfully in many sectors including education, sports, early years, theatre & arts, social care, retail, transport, museums and heritage. Size of organisations using them ranges from small local groups to nationwide organisations with thousands of employees.

Of course, you can always contact the friendly SAFE team for help using or working with anything in the toolkits.

Contents include:

  • Policies and procedures for safeguarding
  • “Whistleblowing”, codes of conduct, data protection, confidentiality statements
  • Safer  recruitment
  • Allegation management
  • Good Practice guidance
  • eSafety policy and leaflets
  • Associated policies

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All SAFE services and resources are compliant with the latest legislation, government guidance and meet the requirements of your local safeguarding boards ( or committees) across the country.

Remember the SAFE team are available by email or Tel 01379 871091