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Perils and Possibilities: Growing up Online Unicef 2016

Hidden in Plain Sight: A statistical analysis of violence against children

Preventing suicide: A global imperative

Report on the proceedings of the Safer Internet Forum 2013

Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting: A statistical overview and exploration of the dynamics of change July 2013


Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse Lanzarote, 25 October 2007

[The Convention has not yet been ratified by the United Kingdom] 



Digital wellbeing – Guidance for parents October 2018

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Enhanced Dataset April to June 2018

Whistleblowing: list of prescribed people and bodies updated 2nd October 2018 for England Scotland and Wales

Internet Harm Research Report September 2018

Trends in Online Child Sexual Exploitation: Examining the Distribution of Captures of Live-streamed Child Sexual Abuse May 18

Disrespect NoBody teaching resources on preventing teenage relationship abuse

Infants: learning from case reviews: Summary of risk factors and learning for improved practice for child and adolescent mental health services 2018

Open consultation: Internet Safety Strategy green paper 11th October 2017

Cases featuring trafficking as a ‘child need’ 2017

Child sexual exploitation: How public health can support prevention and intervention 2017

How safe are our children? 2017 NSPCC

IN:GAME ABUSE The extent and nature of online bullying within the digital gaming environments 2017


Hate crime: abuse, hate and extremism online 2017

Sexual Offences in the Service Justice System 2016

What children are telling us about bullying The experiences of young people contacting Childline about bullying in 2015/16

Ofcom Children and parents: media use and attitudes report November 2016

Child Safety Online: Age Verification for Pornography: consultation response 2016

Report of the parliamentary inquiry into support and sanctions for children who display harmful sexual behaviour 2016

NEITHER SAFE NOR SOUND Unaccompanied children on the coastline of the English Channel and the North Sea 2016

 Keeping children in care out of trouble: an independent review May 2016

Child neglect: the scandal that never breaks March 2015

Human Rights Joint Committee - Sixth Report Violence against women and girls 2015

The National Crime Agency third annual Strategic Assessment of the Nature and Scale of Human Trafficking in 2013

Transport Committee - Fifth Report Security on the railway 2014

National panel of independent experts on serious case reviews July 2014

Home Affairs Committee - Second Report Female genital mutilation: the case for a national action plan 2014

 Child Neglect: The Scandal That Never Breaks 2014

Preventing child neglect in the UK: what makes services accessible to children and families? 2014

United Kingdom Human Trafficking Centre National Referral Mechanism Statistics 2013

Bailey Review of the Commercialisation and Sexualisation of Childhood: final report June 2011

A study of recommendations arising from serious case reviews 2009-2010

Ages of Concern: Learning from serious case reviews Ofsted 2011 Ofsted reports have consistently highlighted that babies less than one year old and older children have been the subject of a high proportion of serious case reviews. This report provides a thematic analysis of 482 serious case reviews that Ofsted evaluated between 1 April 2007 and 31 March 2011. The main focus of this report is on the reviews that concerned children in two age groups: babies less than one year old and young people aged 14 or above.


Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Enhanced Dataset July 2018 to September 2018, England, experimental statistics

 “Who knows what about me?”

 Protecting children from criminal exploitation, human trafficking and modern slavery: an addendum to the 2016 report

Domestic abuse: the work undertaken by Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) 2018

Coventry LSCB Child F - Serious Case Review (Overview Report) 2018

Looked-after Children:The Silent Crisis 2018

Children’s Commissioner’s Report of childhood vulnerability in England 2018

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse Report into Ampleforth and Downside 2018

The Modern Slavery Report 2017-18

Operation Thalia : Aston Hall Hospital Police Findings Report 2018

An assurance report reflecting on the current multi-agency safeguarding arrangements within Derbyshire 2018

Kent Safeguarding Children Board Serious Case Review Child D “Jamie”

Kent Safeguarding Children Board Learning from Serious Case Reviews Child D (Jamie) – June 2018

Rape and serious sexual offence prosecutions - Assessment of disclosure of unused material ahead of trial June 2018

Interim Report of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse April 2018

Cambridge House, Knowl View and Rochdale Investigation Report April 2018

Serious Case Review Overview Report Child E Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Board

Changes to statutory guidance: Working Together to Safeguard Children; and new regulations Government consultation response February 2018

Newcastle Safeguarding Children Board and Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board Joint Serious Case Review Concerning Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adults with Needs for Care and Support in Newcastle-upon-Tyne 2018

Rapid review on safeguarding to inform the Healthy Child Programme 5 to 19

Sexual offences in England and Wales: year ending March 2017

A Voice for the Voiceless: The Victims’ Commissioner’s Review into the Provision of Registered Intermediaries for Children and Vulnerable Victims and Witnesses. January 17th 2018

Wolverhampton Safeguarding Children Board Serious Case Review Child G January 5th 2018

County Lines Violence, Exploitation & Drug Supply 2017

On measuring the number of vulnerable children in England 2017

Individuals referred to and supported through the Prevent Programme, April 2015 to March 2016

Children’s Voices: The Wellbeing of Children involved in Gangs in England November 2017

Learning from Cafcass submissions to Serious Case Reviews 2017

CPS Violence against Women and Girls Crime report 2016/17

Cumbria LSCB Children P Serious Case Review Overview Report 2017

The multi-agency response to children living with domestic abuse 2017

Department for Education Safeguarding and radicalisation Research report August 2017

Rotherham Council Independent Investigations Summary Report 2017

Children: parental responsibility - what is it and how is it gained and lost (England and Wales)

Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Board Serious Case Review ADS14 (Polly)

Luton Safeguarding Children Board Report of the Serious Case Review regarding Child J 2017

Brighton & Hove Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) has published the findings of a Serious Case Review (SCR)

Safeguarding and radicalisation Research report August 2017

Manchester New Moston Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses: Inquiry report

AN ABUSE OF FAITH: The Independent Peter Ball Review

Hartlepool Safeguarding Children Board Serious Case Review “Yasmin” 2017

Hartlepool Safeguarding Children Board Serious Case Review “Olivia” 2017

Hull Serious Case Review of 4 week old baby 2017

Serious Case Review into Child Sexual Exploitation in Buckinghamshire 1998-2016

Making Noise: Children’s voices for positive change after sexual abuse 2017

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: The Role of Schools 2017

Joint inspections of arrangements and services for children in need of help and protection updated April 2017

Bristol Safeguarding Children Board Baby L Serious Case Review, April 2017 This Serious Case Review was commissioned after the death of a newborn infant following a denied pregnancy.

Bristol Safeguarding Children Board ZBM Serious Case Review, April 2017 ZBM and her mother died shortly after ZBMs birth. This Serious Case Review considers issues concerning perinatal mental health.

The impacts of abuse and neglect on children; and comparison of different placement options: Evidence review 2017

No Good Options March 2017 The All Party Parliamentary Group for Children Inquiry

Growing up with the internet March 2017

Birmingham Serious Case Review 2017

 Are we getting it right for young victims of crime February 2017

Harmful sexual behaviour: learning from case reviews 2017

Government Progress Report: Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation – February 2017

Croydon Safeguarding Children Board Serious Case Review ‘Claire’ 2017

Equal Protection under the law for vulnerable children and young people Evidence presented to the Public Bill Committee scrutinising the Children and Social Work Bill February 2017

Croydon and Lewisham Safeguarding Children Boards Serious Case Review Children R, S, W January 2017

Healthy, happy, safe? An investigation into how PSHE and SRE are inspected in English schools 2017

North East Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Board SCR Child T January 2017

Growing up Digital 2017

Barnardo's Online Grooming Survey 2016

An Exploration of Knowledge about Child Abuse Linked to Faith or Belief 2016

Police action in response to youth produced sexual imagery (‘Sexting’) – briefing note November 2016

DONCASTER SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN BOARD Serious Case Review concerning child A

Children in need of help or protection Department for Education October 2016

‘Time to listen’: A joined up approach to child sexual exploitation and missing children 2016

Cumbria LSCB Serious Case Review Child N June 2016

Lightning Review: Children’s access to school nurses 2016

Abuse during childhood: Findings from the Crime Survey for England and Wales, year ending March 2016

Report of a review of Kendall House, Gravesend 1967-1986 Prepared for the Church of England Dioceses of Rochester and Canterbury S Proctor, S Cohen & R Galloway June 2016

The Prevent duty in further education and skills providers

Pathways to harm, pathways to protection: a triennial analysis of serious case reviews 2011 to 2014 Final report 2016

Information sharing to protect vulnerable children and families: A report from the Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing July 2016

Review of Taxi Licensing 2016 South Ribble Borough Council

How safe are our children? 2016

Sutton Local Safeguarding Children Board: Child D a serious case review overview report 2016

Wood Report: Review of the role and functions of Local Safeguarding Children Boards 2016

Referrals and Child Protection in England: One in Five Children Referred to Children’s Services and One in Nineteen Investigated before the Age of Five 2016

House of Commons Education Committee Mental health and well-being of looked-after children Fourth Report of Session 2015–16

The Jimmy Savile Investigation Report: By Dame Janet Smith DBE and The Stuart Hall Investigation Report By Dame Linda Dobbs DBE

Serious Case Review: Southbank International School January 20th 2016

Cloud software services and the Data Protection Act

Violence Against Women and Girls Newsletter Winter 2015

Fostering in England 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015

The lessons learnt report, published on 26 February 2015 by Kate Lampard and Ed Marsden, (Jimmy Savile NHS report)

Jimmy Savile NHS investigations: lessons learnt report November 2015

What children and young people living in children’s homes or with foster carers told us was most important to them 2015

Childcare inspections and outcomes as at 31 March 2015

Investigation into a complaint against Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council October 2015

Independent investigation into governance arrangements in the paediatric haematology and oncology service at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust following the Myles Bradbury case 2015

Characteristics of children in need: 2014 to 2015

The Good Childhood Report 2015

Statutory disclosure guidance August 2015

London Child Safety Update – Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infancy: Advice for people working with children, young people and families

Communities and Local Government Committee - Ninth Report Child sexual exploitation in Rotherham: Ofsted and further government issues March 2015

Sexual exploitation of children: Ofsted thematic report March 2015

Serious Case Review into Child Sexual Exploitation in Oxfordshire: from the experiences of Children A, B, C, D, E, and F Approved by the OSCB February 26th 2015 

A SERIOUS CASE REVIEW February 2015 Kevin Harrington JP, BA, MSc, CQSW

Memorandum of Understanding between Care Quality Commission and the General Medical Council 2014

Missed opportunities: indicators of neglect – what is ignored, why, and what can be done? Research report November 2014

The sexual exploitation of children: it couldn't happen here, could it?

Communities and Local Government Committee - Third Report Child sexual exploitation in Rotherham: some issues for local government November 2014 

Real Voices Child sexual exploitation in Greater Manchester: An independent report by Ann Coffey, MP. October 2014

Norfolk Safeguarding Children Board Serious Case Review Family L October 2014

Independent Inquiry Report into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham 1997 - 2013 Alexis Jay OBE 2014

Reviews and Identify ways of Overcoming these Barriers Research Report July 2014 A Study to Investigate the Barriers to Learning from Serious Case

This statistical release presents data collected from local safeguarding children boards in England to the year ending 31 March 2014.

Independent oversight of NHS and Department of Health investigations into matters relating to Jimmy Savile 2014

An overview of inspection findings: in relation to the help, care and protection of children June 2014

Medications in Drug Treatment: Tackling the Risks to Children 2014 Findings from a study of Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) from the last decade revealed a significant number of cases of where children had died or been hospitalised after ingesting OST drugs, and further research is merited. Adfam’s focus on the impact of substance misuse on the family means that we are keen to highlight the learning and recommendations that emerge from these tragic events in order to minimise risks to other children in the future

Clinical Judgement and Decision-Making in Children’s Social Work: An analysis of the ‘front door’ system Research report April 2014 Research report presenting the findings from a study of social workers’ decision-making and the behavioural factors that affect those decisions when working with child protection cases

Devon Safeguarding Children Board Serious Case Review CN10 April 2014 In June 2013, Step Father was convicted and imprisoned for sexual offences against his two stepdaughters. He had admitted five counts of rape in respect of one child in the household, four counts of making an indecent photograph or pseudo image of a child, one count of taking an indecent photograph or pseudo image of a child in respect of one of the children and two counts of sexual activity with a female child (aged 13 – 17 years and offender aged 18 or over) in respect of the other child in the household.
The Step Father had a previous conviction (in 2000) for a sexual offence against a girl aged 7 years in1999 for which he had received a hospital treatment order (one year) and a probation order (three years). He had also been placed on the sex offender register from 2000 until 2005.

From a distance: looked after children living away from their home area This thematic inspection evaluated the effectiveness of local authorities in discharging their responsibilities to looked after children who live away from their home community. Inspectors visited a sample of nine local authority areas. The report draws on evidence from 92 cases. It also draws on the views of looked after children and young people, carers, and professionals from the local authorities and from partner agencies.

Serious Case Review Redacted Overview Report Services provided for EY and OY and members of their families during the period 1 July 2008 – 18 March 2011 Published April 2014 

Culture, Media and Sport Committee - Sixth Report Online safety March 2014

Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Board The Overview Report into a Serious Case Review of the Circumstances Concerning Leah Barnes (KA)February 2014 This 19 month child spent more than a year in hospital and was being cared for in a hospice when she died in November 2012 of pneumonia, brought on by injuries she suffered when she was seven weeks old.

 The Regulation Of Childcare Consultation Report And Government Response February 2014

Private fostering: better information, better understanding Ofsted January 2014

Derby Safeguarding Children Board Serious Case Review Overview Report ED12 January 2014 Overview report of the Phillpot Family

Suffolk Safeguarding Children Board Serious Case Reviews 2014 Overview report of the Anderson family

ABSENT: An exploration of common police procedures for safeguarding practices in cases of missing children and adults December 2013

 Sexual Violence against Children and Vulnerable People Multi-Agency Working and Information Sharing Project Early Findings July 2013

 Caldicott review: information governance in the health and care system April 2013

Care Inquiry report, "Making not breaking: building relationships for our most vulnerable children". May 2013

The Munro Review of Child Protection: Final Report - A child-centred system 2011

The Family Justice Review 2011

Haringey serious case reviews: child A

The Protection of Children in England: A Progress Report Lord Laming 2009

The Bichard Inquiry Report 2004

The Victoria Climbié Inquiry Report of An Inquiry by Lord Laming January 2003



Domestic abuse: the work undertaken by Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) 2018

Extended Child Practice Review published by Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Regional Safeguarding Children Board August 2018

Rape and serious sexual offence prosecutions - Assessment of disclosure of unused material ahead of trial June 2018

Interim Report of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse April 2018

A Voice for the Voiceless: The Victims’ Commissioner’s Review into the Provision of Registered Intermediaries for Children and Vulnerable Victims and Witnesses. January 17th 2018

County Lines Violence, Exploitation & Drug Supply 2017

Individuals referred to and supported through the Prevent Programme, April 2015 to March 2016

Children: parental responsibility - what is it and how is it gained and lost (England and Wales)

Abuse during childhood: Findings from the Crime Survey for England and Wales, year ending March 2016

Learning the Lessons: Operation Pallial January 12th 2015

Thematic Review of deaths of children and young people through probable suicide, 2006-2012 published March 2014

Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Wales 2009 The review of Local Authority Social Services and Local Safeguarding Children Boards

Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Wales 2009 A review of the arrangements in place across the Welsh National Health Service

A Report by the Welsh Safeguarding Children Forum 2011 The Welsh Safeguarding Children Forum (the Forum) was commissioned by the Deputy Minister for Social Services following the publication in October 2009 of the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales and Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales inspection reports on the arrangements for safeguarding and Protecting Children in Wales.



Significant Case Reviews in Scotland A retrospective review of relevant reports (2012-2015) 2016

Equally protected? A review of the evidence on the physical punishment of children 2016

Disabled Children and Child Protection in Scotland: Investigation into the relationship between professional practice, child protection and disability March 2014

Additional Support for Learning and Young Carers - Report to Parliament. Feb. 2013

Information Disclosure About Child Sex Offenders Booklet 2013

A report into the deaths of looked after children in Scotland 2009-2011 published April 2013

 Exploring the Scale and Nature of Child Sexual Exploitation in Scotland 2012 Provides a summary of known evidence about the scale and nature of child sexual exploitation in Scotland, based on existing statistics and research and workshops with practitioner experts.

Child Safety and Well Being-Child Protection High Level Summary of Statistics Trend Last update: March 2015 

Audit and Analysis of Initial and Significant Case Reviews Oct. 2012

Developing a Community Child Health Service for the 21st Century Dec. 2012

Northern Ireland


Learning from Case Management Reviews under Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland

Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry Report Northern Ireland January 2017

Child Sexual Exploitation in Northern Ireland Report of the Independent Inquiry Kathleen Marshall November 2014

Research reports 2011 - The nature and extent of pupil bullying in schools in the North of Ireland

Republic of Ireland 

Towards A Shared Purpose 2014: Children and Families Agency

Sixth Report of the Special Rapporteur on Child Protection 2013 2012 was an important year from the perspective of child protection. The adoption by the People of a new Article 42A of the Constitution concerning children and children's rights has been awaited by many for a number of years and is one for which the Minister for Children, Frances Fitzgerald TD, deserves particular credit.

State of The Nations Children 2012 This is Ireland's fourth biennial State of the Nation's Children report. These reports, which provide the most up-to-date data on all indicators in the National Set of Child Well-being Indicators, aim to: chart the well-being of children in Ireland; track changes over time; benchmark progress in Ireland relative to other countries; highlight policy issues arising
Published in March 2013

Audit of Safeguarding Arrangements in the Catholic Church in Ireland Volume 1 Dioceses Report 2012

National Review of Sexual Abuse Services for Children and Young People 2011



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