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Safeguarding Rapid Review

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Rapid Review

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Taking just two hours management time via Zoom or Teams, SAFEcic's Safeguarding Rapid Reviews are ideal for all sectors including Ofsted, CQC and Charity Commission regulated organisations.

NCVO23 109x179Our Safeguarding Rapid Reviews are a proven, cost-effective and efficient way for busy managers, directors and trustees to quickly and easily gain external, expert insight and support in helping their organisation attain the highest level of safeguarding culture, policy, procedures and practice. Each Rapid Review concludes with preparation of a high-level assessment report and a RAGGED (Red, Amber, Green) action plan to efficiently and cost effectively address any issues identified.

At SAFEcic, we are experts in safeguarding and have over twenty years’ experience in identifying and addressing safeguarding issues. Rather than relying on time consuming paperwork, each rapid review combines our expertise in safeguarding with your management team's existing knowledge of procedures and practices within your organisation.

Delivered by one of SAFEcic's multi-agency safeguarding experts, Rapid Reviews assess your organisation's safeguarding culture by scrutinising:

  • Context of Work: the relevant regulatory requirements across the UK and overseas, emerging risks, considerations, impact
  • Structure: responsibilities, leadership, accountability, Safeguarding Leads, resilience.
  • Policy: safeguarding, eSafety, Code of Conduct, whistleblowing
  • Recruitment and Training: legal requirements, safer recruitment processes, training strategy and delivery
  • Safeguarding Practice: client, beneficiary, student and/or patient engagement, supervision, lone working, transport, photography, home visits)
  • Partnerships: statutory, private and charity sectors
  • Safeguarding Concerns: procedures
  • Recording and Retention: confidentiality, consent, data protection, information sharing
  • Other issues for the organisation: including, as relevant, buildings and venues, communication, ethical fundraising, eventsHealth and Safety, serious incidents

all in just one two hour information gathering session, with report and RAGGED action plan usually delivered within 5 working days.

Self Audit tools, pro-forma Safeguarding policies and various safeguarding related templates are available and freely downloadable if you purchase SAFE Membership. For more information including pricing, choose the type of membership suitable for your organisation on this page.