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The effective management of safeguarding is a priority for all organisations but can be difficult to implement due to constraints on time, resources and expertise. SAFE offers a comprehensive management service with;

  • named SAFE personnel to advise on managing or referring safeguarding concerns or allegations, available during office hours.
  • access to the SAFE out of hours phone (in an emergency 999 should be dialled)
  • back up advice and support from the expert SAFE multi-agency team by email and phone

Plus the practical tasks of;

  • policy writing
  • making referrals
  • writing reports
  • liaising with external agencies
  • attending strategy meetings
  • risk assessing criminal records information
  • assessing staff safeguarding competencies
  • carrying out any internal investigations when necessary
  • annual review of all safeguarding policies and procedures
  • updates when the law changes and impacts upon practice

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