Crisis Safeguarding courses

£ 6.00 each

Crisis HubSpecial Online Safeguarding Training offer.

This offer is only open to organisations/groups/individuals whose purpose is specifically to help others in this crisis. Maximum of 4 per order.

Note: These credits do not qualify for our "Buy one get one free" offer, as they are already at cost price.

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Anyone setting up and/or running a group to help people in this crisis needs to be aware of their Safeguarding responsibilities and what to do if there is a concern.

These courses are being offered by SAFE at cost price under our community objectives to help in this crisis. As these are at cost, we are unable to offer any further discount.

Each group should have at least one person who has taken both "Standard" and "Leading on" courses for Child and/or Adult Safeguarding, depending on who they are working with. That person would be the group's "Lead for Safeguarding".

These are our regular Safeguarding courses normally costing £27.99 each, and each credit bought can be used for any of these courses:

Standard Child Safeguarding Course
Standard Adult Safeguarding Course
Leading on Child Safeguarding Course
Leading on Adult Safeguarding Course

You would only need all four courses if your group is focussed on helping both adults and children.

To take advantage of this offer, work out how many credits you need (one per course, maximum of four), put them in your basket, then complete our checkout (which automatically creates an account with us). Payment methods accepted are credit/debit card or Paypal.

Once payment is complete, log out and in again, click "Enrolment and Administration" then "Safeguarding Training". You will see your name already listed, so just tick the boxes for the courses you need and click "Save". You can add another user and give them courses too.

To take your courses, click "My Training" and follow the course links.

Once you have completed a course, click "My Certificates" to download a pdf copy of your training certificate, valid for two years.


If you require more than four courses, please email us

All SAFE online courses are quality assured and meet Ofsted, CQC, Charity Commission, local Safeguarding Partnership/Board (and in Scotland, Committee) requirements.

Please see our T&C for usage/refund details.