Quotations: Safeguarding Audits and Pre-Inspection Services


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SAFEcic Audit Services - Free Quotation

Desktop Audits are entirely on-line via phone, email and video conferencing. Includes personnel interviews and safeguarding walks to audit premises, activities and services.

On-Site Audits; We are now accepting bookings for on site Audits for January 2021 onwards. Confirmation will be strictly subject to SAFE's risk assessment of the venue in accordance with relevant government COVID-19 guidance at time of the training.


The expert SAFE team has been providing safeguarding audits and pre-inspection audit services for over 20 years. We offer them for a wide range of organisations such as those in leisure, health and education. These services are dedicated to raise standards for safeguarding children and/or adults and also assist managers in benchmarking the safeguarding arrangements in their organisation. Read a Review.


Please email us with your contact details for further information and quotations.


SAFEcic audits are based upon the many years experience of the SAFEcic multi agency team and designed to reflect the expectations of inspection authorities including Ofsted and the CQC; and are based upon the seven SAFEcic standards for safeguarding:

  • Nominating and training appropriate personnel as safeguarding leads
  • Circulating current and accurate safeguarding policies and procedures
  • Managing the safer recruitment and supervision of staff
  • Adopting and implementing a staff training strategy
  • Circulating relevant associated polices including eSafety and confidentiality
  • Producing evidence of essential legal requirements including insurance, health & safety and relevant compliance such as CQC or Ofsted
  • Carrying out safeguarding risk assessments and “hot spotting” activities such as one to one work, sports, transport and photography

What does the Audit Service Involve?

On-Site Audits typically take three days, but can take longer for larger complex organisations or those with multiple sites.

The SAFEcic audit team carry out onsite visits, meet staff (and customers if relevant), scrutinise paperwork to evidence standards, inspect premises and produce thorough reports. These reports include the evidence seen and highlight any actions required to meet the standards.

Actions are graded for priority and are followed up afterwards. Successful organisations are then presented with the National SAFE Award which can be used to reassure parents and carers that every possible step has been taken to safeguard the children and adults in their care.


For Online Audits, all paperwork is sent to SAFEcic electronically. This is scrutinised, video meetings and inspection tours are arranged with specific personnel and any additional paperwork required is requested. A full report is then prepared (in consultation with the customer) and future actions prioritised and agreed. Successful organisations are then presented with the National SAFE Award which can be used to reassure parents and carers that every possible step has been taken to safeguard the children and adults in their care.

For more information please email us here with your contact details. Prices range from £500 per day for charities and £995 for large businesses.

Is a SAFEcic Safeguarding audit worthwhile? This is just one of our audit reviews;

Excellent service from start to finish. I am an Education Consultant working in Further Education, largely for Independent Training Providers / Apprenticeship Providers.

I recommended the audit for one of my clients to review the providers safeguarding of direct and subcontracted provision, and boy, was it a thorough review! Policies, procedures, insurance levels, training needs analysis all carried out.

A detailed and comprehensive RAG rated action plan and report was provided. Formative feedback as the process unfolded enabled actions to be implemented, or underway, so so by the time we got to the final feedback, we had put in place much of the actions, so this was highly beneficial.

It was exceptionally good value, considering the depth the audit, and potential benefit and impact. We now feel we have not only got good systems to safeguard individuals, but that we also are more confident about our processes for Ofsted.

We also have become members so have accessed discounted training and access to policy templates. The membership fee for this service is very good.

Rosie was the auditor and she is highly professional, incredibly knowledgeable, and does the review with a 'critical friend approach'. I would definitely recommend this audit, service and the company as a whole.

Lynn Hart


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