Does my organisation need to do anything about Adult Safeguarding?

If anyone in your organisation regularly works with adults at risk , their parents,  carers or  families then the answer is yes, your organisation does need to comply with Adult Safeguarding legislation and dental happybest practice recommendations. The definition of an adult at risk  is available here in the Care Act 2014 and the related Care and Support Statutory Guidance and includes any person 18 years and over who has needs for care and support and is experiencing, or is at risk of, abuse and neglect and; as a result of those care needs, is unable to protect themselves from either the risk of, or the experience of, abuse or neglect.

To comply, your organisation should have:

Current Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures. These must also include Safer  Recruitment procedures.

A Lead and Deputy for Adult Safeguarding who are not closely related through marriage or living arrangements. Please note, if your organisation also requires a Lead and Deputy for Child Safeguarding, they can be the same two people.

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Your organisation should also provide:

 Adult Safeguarding training for all staff who work with adults at risk , their  families and carers.

 Leading on Adult Safeguarding training for the Lead and Deputy.

Some, if not all of the staff in your organisation, will need to be checked by the DBS. To identify which staff and which type of DBS check, please follow this link.

All of these can be obtained from SAFEcic, please follow the links for details.

Policies and procedures. Standard Adult Safeguarding Training. Leading on Adult Safeguarding Training. DBS checks.

To check pricing of any of these, please follow this link.

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