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SAFEcic Learning Management System (LMS)


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When you purchase any online training from SAFEcic, included is free use of our online Learning Management System (LMS).

What does it do?

Every individual can see their own progress, download copies of their own certificates, check what courses they are on plus check their pass and expiry dates. They can also revisit any part of their completed courses, using those courses as a reference tool, and can download the reference documents whenever they are required.

Organisations can add new people, register them on courses, check progress of any/all of their members, download copies of any of their training certificates, download current training reports for all members (showing course titles, course progress, status, pass dates etc - vital for Ofsted, CQC and other regulatory authorities).

How it works;

The person who places the order is automatically the Training Manager for their organisation (let us know if you want it to be someone else and we can change that for you).

When an individual logs in, they have access to their own training account.

When the Training Manager logs in, they have access to three areas;

  1. Their own training account
  2. Their organisation's enrolment management area
  3. Their organisation's monitoring management area

1. Training Account;

This is where people access their SAFEcic online courses. They can also download copies of their own training certificates, and revisit their training courses at any time (including downloading links and files), using them as reference documents.

2. Enrolment Management area;

This is where the Training Manager can;

  • Add new people
  • Register any person in their organisation (including themselves) on our online courses
  • Arrange people in groups of their choosing (and search/display according to those groups)
  • Resend log in details and passwords
  • Edit email addresses
  • Enable/disable individual accounts
  • Monitor progress of every person in their organisation

3. Monitoring Management area;

The Training Manager uses this section to;

  • Download copies of any training certificates
  • Monitor course progress, plus dates of completion and course expiry dates
  • Share with inspectors the current safeguarding training status of everyone in their organisation
  • Download an excel spreadsheet of the current training status of everyone in their organisation, including dates/groups/usernames/email addresses etc.

The excel spreadsheet download can also be used to upload/import training details to a local LMS.